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Choorian 1998 free online movie

Choorian 1998
A simple tale revolving around city boy Bakhtu (Moammar Rana) unwillingly dispatched to live at his uncle\s house in the village where he meets ditsy, unassuming and spectacularly well-endowed Billo (Saima), his uncle\s daughter from his first marriage. Despised and terrorised by her domineering step-mother (Bahar) and step-sisters, Billo is a glorified servant in her own home, more comfortable communicating with buffaloes and crows than her so-called family. Won over by her sweet-temperament and cheery simplicity, symbolising the best of rural life, Bakhtu declares his love for her , which is shyly reciprocated. The lovers\ bliss is rudely interrupted by Bahar, who has other designs for Bakhtu, seeing him as a good catch for her own spawn. Nargis, Bahar\s lascivious elder daughter attempts to win him over with a sizzling song\ \dance number in the rain, but fails miserably, breeding yet more resentment towards Billo. Things come to a head when the couple are confronted by Bahar, the situation is ill-handled by the belligerent Bakhtu who insults his aunt , calling her a \"churail\" and is promptly thrown out of the house. This however does not quench their ardour, and as a punishment arrangements are made for Billo to marry a local Chaudry, which she grudgingly agrees to, emotionally blackmailed into it by her melodramatic father. Of course Bakhtu, like every good Punjabi hero, has a plan for this wedding involving a gung-ho attitude and a machine gun. Young love triumphs over evil, and after a mercifully short bloodbath Billo and Bakhtu happily embark on their journey to Happily Ever After.
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